Referee suplexes crazy amateur boxer .gif
Referee suplexes crazy amateur boxer .gif
From the video description

In major combat sport promotions, you can count on the fighters to behave professionally most of the time. They are, after all, professionals. But in small time amateur promotions
things can get dicey. You’re probably going to get a lot of wannabes
who are all jacked up and looking to prove their manhood, which means
things can get pretty unpredictable for referees.
Such was the case at a recent boxing event put on by the W.C.F.C
(World Championship Full Contact) in the UK. One fighter was not
listening to the noob referee in the ring and actually threatened him.
Then he went back to pummeling his opponent anyway.
Fortunately, there was a more experienced referee sitting ringside. His name was Lee Ambler,
and he jumped over the ropes and performed a suplex on the
out-of-control fighter, pinned him to the mat, and put his finger in his
face, daring him to just go ahead and try some of that sh*t on him.