A loss prevention worker for a Walmart in Wilmington, NC harasses a man who was filming a shoplifter. The strange actions of the loss prevention worker are confusing, as he is not concerned about the shoplifter, but rather the man recording video of the shoplifter. Is this loss prevention worker “the man on the inside” for his friends to steal from the store without having to worry? We can’t be sure of his involvement in aiding the shoplifter. However, we can be sure that this loss prevention worker certainly needs fired and investigated to find out his involvement.

Wilmington Walmart Loss Prevention Thug

Wilmington Walmart Loss Prevention Thug

Here is the side of the story from the wife of the man filming:

LISTEN UP EVERYONE !… Apparently since Walmart is ‘Private Property’ their employees can put their hands on you and then in turn BAN you from the property when you report it! Here is our story…

On Friday, February 19, 2016, while myself and my two little boys waited in the car, my husband, Jon, ran into our local Walmart, here in Wilmington, North Carolina, to grab a couple of things we needed. A few minutes later I see/hear him walking to the car, being followed by someone. The man looks to be about our age, mid to late twenties and is in plain, casual clothing, no lanyard/ID. The two of them seem to be arguing and I am so confused as to why this man is following my husband. I immediately think it is maybe a customer from the store, and of course something happened inside. Jon proceeds to tell me what happened, as well as SHOW me, because he has ALL of this on video on his IPhone. Here is what happened… As Jon was exiting the store, he sees a woman who has shoplifted from Walmart. She had thrown down a large purse filled with items she had stolen and takes off, into the parking lot, out the front doors. My husband, who worked as a security officer for over 5 years, instantly is in the mindset to whip out his IPhone and record this woman and this incident happening, thinking maybe he could help out; Not to mention in this day and age, the majority of people who see a crazy incident at Walmart are going to instantly grab their smartphone and hit record. As my husband is facing his camera forward towards the parking lot, you see a man, again in plain, casual clothing, come up from behind and say to him, ” You need to stop recording… you can take me off video too.” No idea why or why this man is bothering him, he simply dismisses him by saying, ” No, I’m good man.” Jon begins to walk away ignoring him. The man proceeds to follow him all the while harassing Jon, telling him, “I’m going to get you for harassment and stalking, I’m not a cop, don’t record me….” Again, this guy never identifies himself, all the while following my husband as he walks away. He then proceeds to SHOVE my husband in the back. Likely trying to knock the phone out of his hand. Although the camera is facing forward, you hear my husband say, ” Don’t touch me bro!” The man responds with ” Well then stop recording.” He follows Jon, at this point, he begins to assume, this is a Walmart Employee and is shocked. The man continues to follow him all the way to the car through the parking lot, continuing the harassment the entire way, and calling him a “pussy”, trying to provoke him to the best of his ability, this continues all the way to the car, where our kids and myself are waiting.

After Jon has told me this story, I am shocked! Why would this Walmart Employee, if that is in fact what he was, stop pursuing a shoplifter, to stop and harass my husband over his recording the incident and then put his hands on him, and follow him all the way to the car harassing him the entire way! We got our confused children, ages 2 and 5 out of the car to go back inside. I go to the customer service area where I see a woman, who appears to be a manager, I then see the man that had followed my husband, he was handing her the purse of the stolen items. I march up to her, admittedly aggravated and angry, I say to her, “We have a huge problem, your employee just assaulted my husband and harassed him through your parking lot!” She proceeded to walk us out of the customer service area, in front of he checkout area, basically dead center of all of the check out lines. All the while, the man is standing right beside her during the interaction. Why wouldn’t she take us into an office, and why wouldn’t she send this man away. We have two small children, things are heated, and we are telling her than an EMPLOYEE assaulted and cursed at my husband. She lets us speak for a minute, then basically begins repeating what the man is saying, telling us “… a loss prevention employee can tell you to stop recording, and if you don’t, they can get you banned, and charged with trespassing…” WHAT ?!
I try my best to tell her… We have this on video! He NEVER identifies himself as loss prevention! He harassed my husband through parking lot, calling him a “pussy!” He was following my husband instead of the shoplifter! Why is he allowed to touch my husband! Watch our video, watch you own footage! None of this did any good… She simply took our names, and said, ” I will look at our footage and call you.” At this point, we wanted to call the police and stand our ground, however, this woman just through out words like, ‘trespassing’ and ‘banning.’ In front of every checkout line! We are shocked and embarrassed and have two small kids with us, its time to go home.

Once we get home, I call the non-emergency sheriffs line. I speak to a deputy who I tell the story to and then tell me they will send someone out to file the report. While waiting, I get a call from Walmart. It is someone who is in management with their loss prevention team, the mans boss…. He tells me he watched their footage and ” I at no time, see my employee put his hands on your husband, and since he did clearly identify himself as loss prevention and asked your husband to stop recording, he can ban him and charge him with trespassing.” I was SHOCKED!!! I said, how on earth would you not see the shove in your footage. I again, tell this man, WATCH OUR VIDEO! I tell him that you can 100 percent tell by his employees response that he did in fact shove my husband. His response to my husband telling him not to touch him was, ” Well THEN stop recording!” Wouldn’t someone who heard that, if they didn’t touch the person, knowing they were being recording, say maybe something like, ‘Nice try,,, I didn’t touch you..’ or ‘ What are you talking about, I didn’t touch you..’ etc. Secondly, I told him… That is very odd he says he knows his employee SAID TO my husband that he was loss prevention. I said, we have a recording start to finish and he NEVER identifies himself. I said.. I would love to hear that tape you have. He then tells me his tape has NO AUDIO!! The conversation went on for a few minutes, until I told him I will talk to an attorney, at that point he said he had to end the conversation. I ended with, Well can you tell me one thing, is my husband in fact banned?! He said he couldn’t talk further and ended the call without answering.

A few minuted later, the deputy showed up. We told him the story.. He then got on the phone with his coworker, the deputy who was handling the shoplifting at Walmart. He was confused. He asked my husband if it was his mother who was the shoplifter?! HUH?! Basically a very convoluted story was being shopped around at Walmart to the officer. We confirmed we had nothing to do with the shoplifting, we had called him here due to the assault. He did of course confirm, that it is considered simple assault and we could pursue charges against the loss prevention employee. He also confirmed that the other deputy had said Jon is banned from that Walmart and if he returns he will be CHARGED with trespassing!

So that’s right.. to conclude… My husband, a PAYING WALMART CUSTOMER, who was trying to HELP the store and get a shoplifter on video, was approached, shoved, harassed and called a “Pussy” by a WALMART EMPLOYEE who NEVER identifies himself and then in-turn WALMART MANAGEMENT has no interest in seeing our video and see and hear the harassment and proof of assault by THEIR EMPLOYEE !! Then in-turn BANS, here the CUSTOMER !!!!

We are in the process of dealing with attorneys and news stations, and in the meantime, I want this story out there!

My husband, who is a responsible, caring, man, father of two, who had just spent money at this store, and tried only to help, and did what most people would do…. this is UNACCEPTABLE.

Please help us get this story out there. The link to the video is below. Thank you for your time.

Theresa Andrade