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Office workers and salespersons at F & R Auto Sales, in Westport, MA, post the surveillance video of them screwing a pizza delivery driver out of a tip. They initially give the driver an $7 and change tip only to call and complain to the Palace Pizza manager that the driver didn’t give them their change back. So the delivery driver had to go back to the scumbag used car dealer and return the $7, leaving him with no tip at all. To top it all off, these scumbags think their antics are so super hilarious that they upload the video captured on the surveillance cameras for the world to see. Unfortunately for them, the internet doesn’t appreciate people being treated like shit, so a huge backlash occurs with tons of negative reviews to the F & R Auto Sales business listings.


Audio only of radio interview with “Acting Owner” and Sales Manager where they blame the video being uploaded as “stolen by the IT guy” even though it was uploaded to the dealership owner’s Youtube channel. Also, they pretty much never apologize for their chudly actions, only that the video was upload.


Interview with Lucy, the girl in the hat who said she’ll put her foot up the pizza guy’s ass. Also, bonus pictures of her pulled from publicly accessible sources on the internet.


Interview with dumb chud in blue plaid shirt who said “Get the fucking owner and the manager on the phone. I want that motherfucker’s job. I want him fired.” Listen as he rambles his way through more lies.


Interview with pizza delivery driver.