Surveillance video captures a store clerk returning fire on robbers at a gas station in southeast Houston Saturday morning.

Police said two masked suspects entered the Valero gas station on Martin Luther King Jr. at Belarbor around 6:30 a.m.

The video shows one of the suspects shooting a store clerk in the leg, as the other suspect jumped over the counter and started looking for money.

But police said another store clerk grabbed a gun and fired several shots, hitting one of the suspects twice in the upper body.

The suspects scrambled out the door and ended up in Gerald Kilpatrick’s front yard.

“They came around that side there and I guess the guy dumped the gun right here,” said Kilpatrick.

He said the men claimed that they were victims of a carjacking, so Kilpatrick allowed one of the men to rest on his porch.

“He laid on the porch,” said Kilpatrick. “He was in his boxers. I don’t recollect how his pants and stuff got off. He was bleeding so bad.”

Kilpatrick called police, and the injured man was taken into custody.

HPD identified him as 22-year-old Harold Robertson. He’s been charged with aggravated robbery. His alleged partner in crime hasn’t been arrested yet.

The injured store clerk was released from the hospital and was at home resting Monday. The clerk who fired the shots was taking a few days off to recover.