A video has stirred public ire over a 31-year-old American man who beat up a 59-year-old Korean man, surnamed Je, in Itaewon on Oct. 2.

The 1-minute-40-second video clip shows two young Korean men trying to stop the altercation between the American and the Korean.

The video shows that the two Korean men tried to keep the American man away from the older man. However, the American ran up to t More..he Korean and punched him several times until the Korean fell down.

When passers-by stopped the American man, he shouted, “I fought in Iraq for six years to put up with your bulls—! You mother f—— prick! I killed more men than you f—— ever met. F— you!”

The video clip spread quickly, fueling anger among Internet users, some of whom said the American should be punished.

The police, who investigated the incident, said no charges would be filed because neither men wanted to pursue the matter.