From the LiveLeak description

A young russian man is drinking his troubles away when he realizes he’s out of booze. just after midnight he wobbles in to the local minimarket ‘Margarita’ with his trusty AK-74 under his jacket because, well, it’s late and a boy needs his protection.

When he gets to the counter he’s overwhelmed with a sense of adventure and aims his rifle at the check-out girl,right infornt of a local guard. The frightened cashier flees for her life when the guard springs into action and promptly disarms our intoxicated hero.

The man was captured and arrested. after he soberd up he managed to convince police he hadn’t realy intended to rob the store. he admitted to petty bullying and was sent to spend the next 15 days at the local detention centre.

As for the weapon, it turned out to be an pneumatic rifle (air gun)