Leg Shattering Roof Jump into Pool

Whatever you do, don’t run over and get dude out of the pool!

I love how everyone just stands there while this jerkoff is laying in the water with broken legs and stuff. I understand the point of making sure to get the video footage, but damn, don’t let the poor bastard drown!

Invisible Pool Jump from Roof. Wait… What?

Man, the trouble some people go through for 14 seconds of e-fame.

Remember that 80’s anti-drug commercial, maybe it was the 90’s. I forget. But it show some strung out girl about to jump into a pool. But, *GASP* there was no water in the pool? Well this mofo must have been on some serious shit, probably just drunk as hell though. What makes this especially funny, is that he goes all out and pulls some sort of cannonball dive to make sure he lands directly on his kneecaps!

Backyard Wrestling at it’s Failest

There is just some special about videos with skulls bouncing off of concrete.

Hey buddy, how could you miss so miserably? I guess maybe he’s had his head dribbled on cement a few times before, rendering his depth perception a little wonky.