SPRINGFIELD, MA – Springfield police need the public’s help in finding a suspect who assaulted a mother trying to enter a market on Belmont Avenue Friday night.
Police said a 42-year-old mother got out of her car with her 4-year-old daughter to enter the Ben Tanh Market around 7:30 p.m., when a man carrying a dark-colored plastic bag approached her and demanded her purse.
Afraid for her and daughter’s safety, the mother fled down Belmont Avenue with her purse thinking the robber would follow her, but he instead took her 4-year-old daughter by the arm, police said.
The mother then ran back toward her daughter and that’s when the man assaulted her as she tried to get into the store for help.
Police said the man pinned the woman and nicked her with a knife just below her neck, causing a very small puncture wound, and then fled.
He was chased to Kenwood Park by two teenagers who witnessed the attack.
The mother and daughter are fine, police said.
The man is described as wearing a dark-colored jacket with an oversized white T-Shirt underneath, a dark colored ball cap, white sneakers and jeans with large white embroidering on the rear pockets.