From the video description

Warning for strong language and threats.
On 2-15-2014 a man and his wife, both Kihei residents, and friends visiting Maui for the first time, were having dinner at Kalama Beach Park. A man at a nearby picnic table wound up and threw a small hard object at a nearby dog that was tied up next to the bathrooms. As a dog lover this person stood up and said, “hey man, why did you do that.” He claimed he wasn’t aiming for the dog. At that point a man at another table comes over and begins threatening them. Prior to his wife’s recording, when she stood up to explain what they were upset about, the dog being mistreated, this man threatened to hit her and that he didn’t care that she was a woman. That he would also rape her. Around this point is when the video starts.

This was a horrible introduction to Maui for their friends to say the least.
MPD arrived very quickly and has the video.