From the Youtube video description

Shawn Daivari, who has worked for WWE and TNA, brought the scripted world of pro wrestling into the real world when he choked out a man threatening to kill another passenger on a Minnesota train.

Daivari was on a light-rail train on his way to the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport when Levin Blair, allegedly drunk, started swearing at a passenger who asked Blair to move so he could put his bike in the bike rack. Blair allegedly began cursing at the man, and when another person on the train asked him to sit down and be quiet, Blair made threats of violence toward the passenger.

“That’s when he got in the passenger’s face, saying, ‘I am going to kill you,’ and stuff like that,” Daivari told Fox 9 news in Minneapolis.

Daivari, sitting on the train witnessing all this, got up from his seat, removed his glasses and jacket, and put Blair in a rear naked choke hold, restraining the passenger until the train’s next stop.

At the next stop, Daivari and another passenger throw Blair off the train. You can see it all in the video above.

Police eventually arrived at the platform, where Blair was still sitting, dazed and confused. Thinking he was a victim, they let him go and got the whole story later.

Once they caught up with the passengers later, none said they were interested in pressing charges.

So, lesson learned: If you want to act like an idiot on a train, look around first and make sure there are no pro wrestlers on board.