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This is the video that saw 26-year-old Mauldin man arrested on Thursday, after police watched videos he posted of himself evading police on his motorcycle, according to Mauldin police.

Mauldin police Sgt. Ben Ford said a tip led them to a video that are posted on YouTube titled “Yamaha R6 Runs From Cops- Full High Speed Chase!!”

The GoPro video, posted by user RiderLifeStyle on April 15, shows the rider going more than 100 mph during a pursuit that started in the area of Jenkins Road and North Main Street. He repeatedly crosses double yellow lines, swerves in and out of traffic at high speed and blows through stop signs, nearly hitting vehicles several times.

Several police vehicles were involved in the initial pursuit, and the department was actively seeking the speedster. After getting the tip-off, police validated this was their suspect.

Ford said after they watched the videos, it was fairly easy for police to track the rider down. Police said Derek Jonathan Kellett, who lives in Mauldin, is facing five reckless driving charges. Investigators seized the GoPro camera they say was used to shoot the video, along with Kellett’s computer.

Ford said he hopes people don’t congratulate Kellett for behavior that put other people’s lives at risk. As of Friday afternoon, Kellett’s video had been viewed more than 7,400 times. It had about twice as many likes as dislikes. Kellet has since been released on $2,225 bond.