Man riding on hood of truck in Baton Rouge, Louisiana casually asks for another car in traffic to call the police.

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Insider information from a local in the Youtube comments

It’s about time someone did SOMETHING. This is the gentleman that myself and the rest of the real estate world refer to as “the sign man.” He’s been stealing signs for years and years. Police won’t do anything because technically, if a sign is on a public servitude, it is considered “litter” after a certain amount of time. The only problem is that he takes them no matter how long they have been there. Hundreds of real estate agents have reported him taking their signs during open houses, when city ordinances have clearly stated they can remain there during certain hours as long as they are picked up. This man’s backyard, according to several eyewitnesses, has hundreds, perhaps THOUSANDS of signs. It’s his hobby. He’s been doing it for years. In some cases, it’s a public service, but for those of us obeying the law, and the ordinances set up for legitimate business purposes, it’s theft. He should be arrested.