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An armed robbery suspect is on the run after he dramatically busted out of jail in a daring getaway that was caught on camera.

ArkansasOnline reports that Derrick Estell, 33, was arrested in March and was being held in Hot Springs, Arkansas, at the Garland County Jail, on more than two dozen charges ranging from robbery to breaking and entering.

Estell was being monitored by two police guards as he was talking on the phone. But when the two officers were distracted by William Harding, an alleged accomplice in the jail break, Estell leapt through a window, out the jail door and into a waiting car.

Police gave chase but were unable to catch him. The car was found abandoned but there has been no sign of Estell or the getaway driver, believed to be Tamara Upshaw.

Police arrested Harding for allegedly helping Estell escape and authorities believe that more people may have been involved in orchestrating the getaway.

Estell has been described as armed and dangerous, and has a history of violent behaviour.