I hope when these dumbshits eventually wreck, they don’t take any innocents out with them

Intense video from inside the GT40. Just after the video starts, the 2 guys notice a cop up ahead in the median, they slow down but the cop noticed them. The passenger is in communication by CB radio to other car/car’s behind them and starts asking if the cop had pulled out and coming for them. (need to listen). If you look you will see some kind of lights right below the sun visors, maybe some kind of LED flashing lights, not sure. They also have a police scanner along with a police radar detector.

At one point they thought they were going to get stopped by a cop that is at some place up ahead and the passenger takes out the video tape from the camera he has. My guess is so the cops don’t get some kind of evidence. (this video was shot from some camera in the back of the GT40).