Trashy girls who generate the impression of off-duty strippers pick a fight with random girls at a Denny’s in Redlands, California.


Denny's Cat Fight

Denny’s Cat Fight

From the video description

Cat fight between mini-skirted women at a Denny’s restaurant in
Redlands, San Bernardino County, California at 3am Sunday morning.

At 0:07 camera rights itself after initially being held sideways. At 0:21 after someone laughs white girl in black threatens the diners. At 0:32 someone throws something at her and the fight starts. At 0:49 plates start flying. At 1:16 fists start flying. At 1:30 girls show their asses – literally. Finally at both 2:35 and 3:04 cameraman is told twice to stop filming but keeps filming anyway up to the end at 3:50.