Kinda reminds me of the rally car crashing into horse video.

From the Video Details:

At dawn, four horses are in Brazil Avenue, the busiest freeway of Rio de Janeiro.

Firefighters try to warn motorists but one driver didn’t see the warning signs.

The horse hits the hood of the car and is thrown into the air.

The driver loses control, crosses two lanes and hits a wall.

Thiago Hernandez, 24, went to the hospital and have been discharged. The horse died.

A taxi dri More..ver was the one who called the fire department.

“Things like this are constant happening in Brazil Avenue.
Last week a colleague died when a taxi ran over a horse in Realengo, the car caught fire, “says Mark Paul, a taxi driver.

The physics department at the University of Rio calculated the impact of a collision between a car to 90 kilometers per hour on a horse, which weighs about half a ton.

If the animal was reached in full, it would fall on the car as the weight of an elephant, about four tons.

On the roads of Rio de Janeiro is common to find animals on the brink of the runway.

In a stretch of highway linking Rio to the mountain region, we find many cows and to keep an eye so they do not move to the road.

He says that often take the animals to graze on the banks of the highway.

According to the Federal Highway Police in 2007 alone were more than 3,500 accidents involving animals across the country. Most happen in the Northeast.