A massive fight at an East St. Louis nightclub involving dozens of people was caught on camera. At least one man, a security guard, was shot. Now police are trying to identify everyone in the video to determine who was hurt, who was responsible, and who broke the law.

One man was body slammed to the ground by what appears to be a security guard. Another man was blindsided by a punch. And then, just seconds later, there’s a gunshot. The bullet, apparently fired by a security guard, hits another guard in the hand.

“There was a couple who were acting silly that made the situation worse than it should have been. They were fighting like they were on the street,” Dowdell said.

East St. Louis Police Chief Lenzie Stewart said investigators are reviewing the video.

“The security personnel, we’ll be looking to see if they violated anyone’s civil rights and things of that nature,” he said.

Stewart said they’re also questioning whether the club and the city had enough manpower to handle this.

“Our situation is what it is with the revenue and not being able to have adequate police 24-7. But do you stop the entertainment part of it? It’s a call that I can’t make,” he said.

Managers with Blackmon’s Plaza didn’t want to comment on the fight. They have since had their liquor license suspended. They’ll have to meet with city officials tomorrow to see whether it will be reinstated.
We showed the video to Mayor Alvin Parks. He said the violence will be addressed and that the clubs are even offering to pay for more police.

“We’re going to look at a lot of different measures here one of which will be mandatory on-duty police officers nearby and off-duties inside for certain types of concerts,” Parks said.

Illinois State Police and the Department of Justice are assisting in the investigation. The license hearing Wednesday is set for 1 p.m.