IDENTITY SOUGHT: This mountainbiker is alleged to have assaulted another
mountainbiker on a Port Hills track in Christchurch yesterday.

A Christchurch mountainbiker says a fellow cyclist tried to strangle
him with his helmet after the pair got into an argument on a Port Hills

Mountainbiker Jordan, who did not want his surname used, caught the alleged incident on film with a helmet video camera.

He said it stemmed from him asking the other cyclist, a middle-aged
man in yellow Rock Shox Racing top, to give him room to pass on the
Flying Nun track yesterday.

“He kept saying yes but wouldn’t give me a space. He was holding me
up pretty badly. Trail etiquette says you pull over to let faster riders

He claimed he was polite at first, but “got less polite” as the other cyclist refused to stop.

However, he “certainly wasn’t asking to be attacked”.

He told the man he was rude for not allowing him to pass, and “that set him off”.

“He tried to strangle me with my helmet while he was trying to steal
my camera, and when I started yelling for help he put his hand over my
nose and mouth.”

The cyclist said he feared the man would not stop the attack, so he
“did the only thing I could do without letting go of the camera, bit
down on his finger”.

After “a bit more struggling”, he said he managed to get away and yell for help before leaving the scene.

“I rolled down the road and spoke to a couple other guys at the car
park, they said I should ring the police, so I got my phone out and
that’s when the guy showed up again, so that’s when I took a photo.”

He said the man tried again to take his camera and delete the video.

Jordan said he had spoken to police about the incident, and that he
posted the video online to try to identify the man involved. Warning: This video contains strong language.