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Published on Jan 5, 2013

Statements you made in the news conference on January 4, 2013 were quite humorous. You stated that #KnightSec isn’t the “real Anonymous”. What you don’t understand, is that everyone is Anonymous. Anonymous isn’t one person. As a matter of fact, Anonymous isn’t even a group of people. It’s an idea. An ideology of people who fight for a purpose higher than self.

To quote you, “Why put their names out there? Why put their addresses out there?”. Because they’re guilty. The ones that took pictures, ones that stood around, ones that recorded, even ones that watched. They’re all guilty. To quote you “But when you start doing a hatchet job on innocent children, putting their names out on the computers and the Internet, on Facebook, I’m coming after you. Simple as that.” Coming after us for what? What we are doing is not illegal. Publicizing already public information is legal. They don’t contain social security numbers, therfore they’re not illegal.

To quote you again, “I’ll deal with that at another time,” said Abdalla. “I know where he lives. I know his name, his mother’s name, his father’s name, his brother’s name.”, If you know so much why don’t you come question me. Ask me why I released this information. Ask me why I exposed your corrupt justice system. You can even ask me why I exposed you. The answer will be the same. No justice no peace.


Sheriff Fred Abdalla interview