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To join us on a public IRC channel, go to: channel: #opnsa

PRESS RELEASE: Greetings, NSA. Thanks to the actions of Edward Snowden the world is now aware of your absurdly intrusive and elaborate monitoring agenda. Every Verizon user. Every Facebook LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter account. Every Yahoo!, Bing and Google search result. Every Microsoft Windows, Google Chrome and Apple Mac operating system. Every Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer web broswer. Every Paypal and Google Wallet transaction. Every Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo e-mail. Every bit of content in iCloud, Dropbox, Drive and Skydrive. Every AOL, Yahoo! Messenger and Google Talk instant message. Every Skype, Facetime, Google Hangouts and Talk call. Every Flickr, Instagram, Picasa, Tumblr and Youtube media. All are victims to yourillegitimate counter-terrorism measures. Spying on over 120 million people , including innocent citizens of your own nations, was not a good idea as you will come to understand soon enough.

We will now be commencing “Operation National Security Agency” in retaliation of your disrespect for the privacy of people worldwide. You cannot expect to covertly spy on people who have done nothing wrong under the guise of preemptively fighting terrorism when you failed to stop the Boston bombing and expect consent. You are of no use to anyone except those in power and who wish to keep it, at the expense of every citizen’s privacy that they are entitled to under the Constitution of which you show no respect for.

OpNSA will be unforgiving in its work and will leave no stone unturned, just as you do for all of us. As of this moment, people around the world are beginning to wake up and, consequently, stand up to your data mining agenda. You will soon understand for yourselves what it is like to be spied on and your personal information be stored, available for all to gaze upon.

We are officially calling on all citizens of the Internet, all Anonymous participants and all activists to take to their computers, take to their streets and take to all available outlets to let their voices be heard on this issue. Violations like this WILL not be treated with apathy. Anonymous has been proven to be apowerful force for good, and even more so, a nemesis to tyranny and injustice.

You thought you could infringe on our privacy. You thought you could wiretap people who have no reason to be observed. But best of all, you thought you could get away with all of it.

The NSA will lose the game. All your base will belong to us.
We are Anonymous
We are Legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Expect us.

To join us on a public IRC channel, go to: channel: #opnsa