Anonymous is apparently initiating another campaign in the sleepy, rundown tri-state area of the Ohio Valley, this time across the river in Weirton, WV.


Perhaps you will remember the recent Anon campaign in Steubenville, OH, OpRollRedRoll. Weirton is directly across the river from Steubenville, so it appears that Anonymous will have an ongoing presence in the Ohio Valley area. Evil doers beware, Level 99 Trolls are all up in your internets!

From the Youtube video description

Greetings Citizens of Weirton West Virginia. We are Anonymous. It has recently come to our attention the unspeakable crimes committed by Tyler Graham. The 19 yr old responsible for the rape of an 2 yr old child. As members of the the collective we find this intolerable and unacceptable. This has angered the hive. It is of utmost importance that this crime committed by Tyler Graham is prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

we have made a decision, that on march 2nd, 2013 we will be stationing a rally to recognize and support the 2 year old Jane Doe.
we will no longer stand for such brutal acts against innocent people.

let us take the time to elucidate the goals we have regarding this rally.

first of all, we are not arriving there to cause a disturbance, we are simply there to be a voice for the little jane doe that cannot speak for herself.

secondly, we are there to also support all children who are abused in some way. whether it be physically, emotionally, through the interwebs, or they are mentally battered.

last but certainly not least, we are there to support and be a voice for all jane doe’s and john doe’s.

if we need to come to the court house every weekend to hold a rally, then we will. we want to make it clear, that we are not happy with what has been going on in this general area.

Initiate OpWeirton

We are Anonymous.

We are Legion.

For everyone that falls,

ten more shall take his place.

We do not Forgive.

We do not Forget.

And now quite simply you have our attention.