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Do not bring a knife to a beer throwing fight
A CONVENIENCE store manager bravely ejected a knife-wielding robber from his shop – by throwing cans of beer at him.

Aman Singh Mann, 29, sent the armed raider away empty-handed by hurling six 12-packs of Carling at him during the attempted robbery at Nisa in Blackmore Road, Kelvedon Hatch.

Shop assistant Claire, 38, of Great Warley, was serving a customer when the robber entered the shop and trapped her behind the counter.

Mr Mann was on his break at the back of the shop.

Claire recalled: “I jumped back when I saw the knife. It was a large like a chef’s knife that tapers down to a point.

“He was shouting ‘Open the till’ and then he backed away from me so that I could get to it.

“As I got to it, Aman came running through from the back and started throwing boxes of beer at him.

“He was batting the boxes down and backing towards the door. He tried to come back in a couple of times but Aman was still throwing the beers at him so he gave up and ran away.”

Aman, who has been manager for the past four years, said: “The beer was in front of me so I just grabbed it and threw it. I didn’t have much time to think.

“It was just a natural reaction – people can’t go around doing that sort of thing.”

Both Aman, Claire and the customer escaped the ordeal without injury and barring a few dented cans of beer, there was no damage to the shop.

The intruder was white, aged between 20 and 30, and at least 5ft 9ins tall. He was wearing jeans, a black top with the hood up, a black leather jacket and a dark scarf over his face.