Everyone was stunned after Isayah Muller, a promising young Truman High School football star, was stabbed to death just hours after his graduation on June 28, 2011.

There was outrage after his father, Andre Muller, was arrested and charged with starting a fight, but the man who fatally stabbed Isayah was not arrested.

The fight at a parking lot in the Bronx between was over a $200 bottle of cologne — a graduation gift that went missing from the family’s car.

Police maintained Isayah’s dad was the aggressor. But some didn’t want to believe it.

The video is from a surveillance camera inside the parking lot booth. The employee’s faces are concealed because their lives have allegedly been threatened.

You can see the parking attendants speaking with Isayah’s father, Andre. He is standing at the entrance, had accused the employees of stealing the cologne.

They talk, there is some gesturing, and things appear to escalate. The attendants even let Andre look inside their personal backpacks and search the drawers.

One of the attendants then gets on the phone to call 911.

You can also see Andre’s pregnant wife, Rosa, at the door. She is just inches away from her husband, but as soon as she steps away, that’s when it gets out of control.

Suddenly Andre throws the first punch. The attendant loses his balance from the force but does not strike back and stays on the phone.

A second attendant also does not fight back.

Isayah appears in the doorway, still wearing his tie from graduation.

Seconds later, his dad picks up a bicycle and apparently tries to throw it. The attendant attempts to shut the door, but you can see Isayah pushing it back open.

Then his father charges in with a snow shovel in hand. He starts swinging at both attendants. One attendant picks up a chair to fend him off. The other attendant picks up a machete.

Andre then backs away and closes the door. But seconds later, Isayah busts through the door with Andre right behind him.

It’s an all-out brawl: father and son swinging away at the attendants, one attendant still brandishing a machete during the melee.

You see Isayah on top of the other attendant, punching him. Police say the attendant then used a homemade knife and stabbed the 19-year-old in the chest.

The NYPD arrested Andre and charged him with assault and weapons possession. He pleaded not guilty.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly appeared on Good Day New York last week and said that the attendants, who were not arrested, were acting in self defense.