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Capture of assassin team one

Capture of assassin team two

From the LiveLeak capture video description

Another team of ISI or Al-Qaeda assasinators using suppresed guns is captured by Iraq special Ops Forces. The main leader is the fat middle-aged man seen laying face-down in a white top. His face was not allowed to be filmed says teh reporter, who is allowed for the 2st time to accompany the Special Forces on an actual raid mission to capture a target on intel information.

The skinny guy seen dragged out of the house is the trigger-man. He was the only member of the group who was given a special training on how to use suppresor guns by Al-Qaeda. He is then taken to his work-place, as a baker to stop any suspicion arising about his job and movements.

When the army interrogated him about how they managed to dodge detection, he said they were hiding teh suppressor guns in a special hiding place under the car seats that they have made themselves.

The old woman seen in the video is his mother, he was taken to confront his family and tell them what he is and what he was doing.

The Qaeda was so desperate recently that they started recruiting children as one of the captured team here (who is 17 years old) and has even told them not to film their operations any more to avoid delays and possible evidence if stopped after an attack.

Enjoy the footage and see how the so called “lions of AQ” are dragged out of their holes like sewage rats.