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From the LiveLeak video description

PENNSYLVANIA (WABC) — A man in the Sheraden neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania jumped from a moving vehicle to escape his kidnappers, and the incident was caught on camera.

The man jumped from the van at the intersection of Chartiers and Hillsboro streets, rolls on the ground in his underwear and runs directly to police.

“I just saw a guy flying out of the van running in his boxers,” witness Daniel Dozier said. “‘They just robbed me. Help me. help me.’ Screaming.”

The man told police he was walking along Hammond Street when the van pulled up and asked him for directions to a local bar. When he told them he didn’t know, the side door opened and two men with guns men snatched him.

The man was then forced to take off his pants while the suspects robbed him. They then discussed where they would take him to kill him, and that’s when he made his escape.