A campaign cameraman said a Kansas City councilman attacked him, but the politician accused in the attack says he doesn’t regret what happened.

The incident took place outside the Clay County Democratic Headquarters on Aug. 7 while US Senate Candidate, Robin Carnahan, was inside speaking. First District Councilman and Kansas City Mayor Pro Tem, Bill Skaggs, lost his cool and used profanity to More..threaten a cameraman.

“I was walking to a meeting and this guy stuck a camera in my face,” said Skaggs. “And he was obviously out there bullying people around.”

“He has a different definition of ‘all up in his face’ than I think everyone else does,” said Jason Klindt, political strategist with Axiom Strategies.

Klindt said he was surprised by Skaggs’ reaction.

“It is unusual to see someone like Bill Skaggs, who has been a career politician and is the Mayor Pro Tem of KC, to react in such an unusual way,” he said.

But what isn’t unusual: a cameraman at a campaign event. They’re known as trackers, and Klindt said they’re standard practice in order to keep candidates honest.

“You’ve seen political careers end by people with video cameras out there,” said Klindt.

The “Macaca” incident involving then-Virginia Senator George Allen is a good example. In 2006 he was caught on camera using a racial slur and ended up losing his Senate seat.