A Brandon man is in jail after a failed robbery attempt, and he has his mother to thank.

Twenty-two-year-old Roy Mitchell’s mother stopped him during the middle of his crime by taking away the weapon he had aimed at the clerk. It was all caught on video. It was around 11:30 a.m. Tuesday when Mitchell entered D’s 1 Stop convenience store on Highway 80 in Brandon.

On the video, Mitchell can be seen quickly grabbing some nacho cheese Doritos and throwing them on the counter.

He then handed the clerk $2 to pay for his snack, but then things changed dramatically.

As the clerk went to get change from the cash register, Mitchell pulled a gun out of his waistband.

He then pointed the gun directly at the clerk and demanded all the money in the drawer.

Then, Mitchell’s mother walks up, grabs the gun and orders him out of the store. Mitchell obeyed and left the store with the bag of chips and no cash. Police say Mitchell’s mother tried to explain to the clerk the gun wasn’t real and begged the clerk not to call the law.

Mitchell and his mother left the scene in a red Oldsmobile. The clerk called the police.

A short time later the vehicle was stopped by Pelahatchie police. Officers found a plastic gun in the vehicle that was made to look like the real thing. Mitchell is facing attempted armed robbery charges.