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One or two “love taps” should have calmed the guy down. However, unloading on the man and slamming him on the ground is a bit much. Learn to control your rage, rookie thugtard. Oh, there were two females in the room, no wonder this idiot’s chimp-rage instincts were invoked.

From the Liveleak video description

Duluth Police released surveillance video on Friday of an alleged assault that took place between Officer Richard Jouppi and a 50-year-old wheelchair bound man.

The incident happened Friday, September 21st at detox.

The 34-year-old officer of two years has been placed on paid administrative leave. The department is looking to file 5th degree assault charges in the incident.
The alleged assault isn’t the first complaint against the officer.
Duluth Police say in March, Jouppi discussed details of an open investigation with a suspect. Police say he never notified the department that he was talking to the suspect or that he knew where the suspect was located. When ordered to sign a statement under the Garrity Warning, Police say he left the statement intentionally incomplete.