That was probably a pretty smart idea, driving your own vehicle through a storefront to steal a bunch of stuff. What could go wrong!?

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A Los Angeles man accused of crashing his SUV through an Apple storefront in Temecula in a brazen burglary last week pleaded not guilty Wednesday, Sept. 12, to multiple felonies.Equonne R. Howard, 22, is being held on $600,000 bail, which is the estimated damage to the Apple Store, authorities said. He is charged with vandalism, burglary and theft of electronics in connection with the break-in, as well as burglary and theft of merchandise later in the day from a 7-Eleven, court records show.Wearing orange jail clothes and shackles while sitting in a courtroom at the Southwest Justice Center in French Valley, Howard appeared stunned when a lawyer from the Riverside County public defender’s office showed him the two-page complaint listing the charges against him.

Prosecutors also allege Howard, who was on parole, has a 2010 burglary conviction from Los Angeles County and a 2008 robbery conviction.Howard asked the defense attorney what evidence there is against him, adding that he believes there is none.

“Wow,” he said. “This is crazy.”

Riverside County sheriff’s officials said Howard used his own 2003 BMW X5 to smash through the glass storefront and metal security gate about 5 a.m. Sept. 6. Surveillance footage shows other men with their faces covered jumping out of the SUV and beginning to grab iPhones and iPads off
display tables, sheriff’s officials said.