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The wasp nest was too large and too high above the ground to destroy manually.

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“Anti-aircraft guns to fight mosquitoes – a waste of talent.” This is a funny joke proverb.

Yesterday afternoon, in the small town of Jiangjin Tsz Wan Yuen Tsuen, but staged anti-aircraft guns to fight mosquitoes, “the reality – military flamethrowers bombardment hornet’s nest.

Previously, the wasp nest wasp sting dead a villager, also stung by dozens of people. Because the ground is too high, too bulky, fire carries not only the regular army – military flamethrowers.

Wasp harm

Sting died and one injured and dozens of villagers”

It has been stung to death of a man stung small Yuen Tsuen, dozens of people around!” Small Yuen Tsuen village party secretary, the hornet’s nest at the presence of local villagers out, students must pass through school road, wasp groups travel, serious affect production and daily life of local people, “Now, children and adults only bypass the hillside behind travel, spend nearly 20 minutes.”

Three countermeasures

Difficult Naima cellular nothing

Over 1.5 meters in diameter, hanging in the camphor tree 30 meters off the ground – yesterday afternoon, the first thing to see this hornet’s nest, the the Jiangjin fire brigade officers and men have lamented: This is the largest hornet’s nest they had ever seen.

Originally, the fire brigade get ready anti-bee suits and chemical warfare suits, the three pulled up the long staircase, large bags, and enough insecticide sprays, fuel torches … however, witnessed a giant hornet’s nest, fire officers and men only look “home” to sigh.Command of the scene trying to think of the three countermeasures, but the hornet’s nest not only from the ground more than 30 meters high, and west of there homes, east of wires. “Fire Attack” ordinary flame gun or torch is simply out of reach of the hornet’s nest; if it pulled up the ladder + bags, they can not find a large enough pocket to install this monster; saw off the trunk, are also worried that the fall The tree hurt the houses or wires.

Flame jet

H under the evil hornet’s nestThe fire scene command immediately call the detachment of the leadership, Zhu Jin a unit of reconnaissance battalion fire-breathing, even to give support, the giant hornet’s nest to get rid of a flamethrower to request contact the People’s Liberation Army.

Quickly, Zhu Jin forces reconnaissance battalion consult the Military District agreed to by the two cadres led by four soldiers came.

Meticulous arrangements, the masses in a secure area after two fire fighters and three People’s Liberation Army soldiers were put on anti-bee suits and chemical warfare suits, the back of the flamethrower, occupying the best position to confirm onlookers spray line for accurate debugging .

With the order, “Bang! Bang!” I saw two flames out of the 30 m away, destroy cellular, immediately turned into a fireball hornet’s nest, the wasp hive inside and outside groups has become an instant coke, “whirring” to the whereabouts of . The soldiers continued to fire-breathing, the hornet’s nest into pieces, wrapped spark scattered into the fields …

After 10 minutes, the cellular total collapse, the villagers applauded and shouted happy.

■ reporter Zhu Xin Qin correspondent Hulu She shadow reports