Dash cam video has been released of a state trooper who is credited with saving a man’s life along the side of Route 22 in Jefferson County. Ohio State Highway Patrol Trooper Robert Bodo was on routine patrol around 3:15 p.m. 01FEB2012 when he spotted a car on the side of US Route 22 near Bloomingdale. Bodo thought the car was abandoned, but when he walked around to the driver’s side, Bodo found a man who appeared to be sleeping. “When he said he had chest pains and he did state that he had prior heart attacks in the past, my first thought was that he needed help,” said Bodo.

After Bodo called for assistance, he went back to check on 43-year-old John Courtwright of Rayland, who was then unresponsive. “I saw him take a couple of short gasps for air and then he didn’t respond to anything I said. He then just slumped over into the chair”, said Bodo. With an ambulance still a few minutes away, Bodo took matters into his own hands.

Bodo took a defibrillator from the trunk of his patrol car, checked Courtwright’s breathing, pulled him from the car and started CPR. A passer-by then stopped to help Bodo with the CPR. “He ran across all four lanes of US22 and just asked if he could help and I said yes. He started doing compression while I set up the AED,” said Bodo. Courtwright kept going in and out of consciousness, and that is when Troopers Eric Derrington and Greg Mamula also assisted with the rescue. “We knew exactly what to do. We’ve been trained in this situation and saw Trooper Bodo doing CPR and we knew we had to hook up the AED”, said Trooper Mamula. “It had to be speed and it had to be our training kicking in. Otherwise, it wasn’t going to work out and we didn’t know if it was going to work out”, said Trooper Derrington. The ambulance then arrived and crews transported Courtwright to Trinity Medical Center.

Bodo and the others who helped save the man are expected to receive a Certificate of Recognition for their efforts.

Courtwright is recovering, but is out of the hospital.