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From the LiveLeak video description

Wichita police have released surveillance video from an armed robbery last year where officers shot and killed a man who rushed at them with a knife. 28-year-old Dejuan Colbert was shot by officers at the entrance to a Dollar General store at 2427 West Pawnee. That happened after police got a 911 report of a robbery in progress at the store on the night of October 30, 2011. Stolz says the video shows the anatomy of an armed robbery, and what police have to face when they encounter situations like this. He said what the video does not show is that Colbert and 2 other suspects were involved in two similar armed robberies, including one at this same Dollar General store. Stolz said the video also does not show the terror felt by the store employees, and the language and threats used bythe robbers. The Sedgwick County district attorney’s office ruled last week that 3 officers were justified in using deadly force in the incident.