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From the LiveLeak video description:


It wasn’t meant to be for a robber at an Orlando 7-11 this week as his attempt for quick cash turned into a miserable failure courtesy of a brave customer.

Surveillance cameras captured the whole confrontation on video.

In the surveillance video, the crook with a white bandana covering
his face walks into the convenience store and pulls out a knife and
demands cash from the clerk and a customer.
But as soon as he does, the customer steps back and grabs a wine
bottle from the shelf and then kicks the knife out of the crook’s hand.
The customer then chases him out of the store while the clerk calls 911.

The customer did not want to be identified, but he told WFTV the details of what happened.

“I know he wasn’t kidding because he came after me,” said the customer. “I ain’t going to let that dude stab me, so I am like, ‘Boom!'”

“A lot of people would call you crazy because this guy had a knife,” said WFTV reporter Tim Barber.

“It is what it is. You know what I am saying? You don’t think
about it at the time because he’s like, ‘Yo, robbing the place give me
all your money,’ and I am like, ‘Are you serious?'” the customer said.