While walking through Belltown, he was wrongly identified by a witness as a suspect in a bloody bar fight that re-erupted inside a nearby convenience store. The witness pointed Harris out to Paul and another deputy, working as King County Metro Transit officers.

Harris led the deputies on a roughly 2.5 block foot chase as the deputies yelled for him to stop…. Paul and fellow Deputy Joseph Esh More..om were wearing black tactical uniforms, not traditional deputy uniforms. Attorneys for Sarah Harris argued that Chris Harris likely didn’t realize Paul and Eshom were officers.

…As Harris slowed to a stop, Paul delivered a hit to Harris’ chest, slamming him into the concrete wall outside the Cinerama theater at Fourth Avenue and Lenora Street.

A surveillance camera outside the theater captured footage of the incident; Harris is seen raising his hands before he is hit by Paul.

…….But Sarah Harris’ attorneys, Sim Osborn and Ray Dearie, claim there was an attempt to cover up the events of that night, an accusation the Sheriff’s Office vehemently denies.

“This is not a simple, heat-of-the-moment shove,” Dearie said. “This was something where it appeared Paul was angry, and he took his anger out on Chris Harris. … The most egregious thing was that they tried to cover it up.”….. Osborn said the timing of the settlement — hours after a paramedic testified Monday that Eshom told him Harris had run headfirst into the wall — was no coincidence.

…Detective Mike Mellis of the sheriff’s major-crimes unit, who led the criminal investigation and assisted Cobb and Senior Deputy Prosecutor Kristofer Bundy in the civil case, said the paramedic’s testimony was wrong. Mellis and Cobb said Paul and Eshom had been moved across the street by the time Harris was loaded into a medic unit. As a result, paramedic Ryan White couldn’t have heard any statements Eshom might have made, they said.

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